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It Is Time To Return To Authentic And Holistic Yoga

While the popularity of yoga is reaching new heights around the world, the various versions and models of yoga being introduced go counter to the original purpose and process of Yoga which means “union” in Sanskrit – merging with the infinite. Ishan has now given to the world “Yoga of Immortals” through which we can all benefit from the original and authentic yoga.

New Year New Beginning

Yoga of Immortals Level 2

  • Manomaya Kosha, Road to Shivratri
  • 1st Jan to 1st March 2022
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A Life of Achievement & Service

Helping to make good people better


Ishan teaches and practices science based and practical spirituality that is in tune with the realities of the modern world. Ishan is working hard to help millions of people around the globe progress on their spiritual journey through his talks, teachings, and programs.


Corporations around the world – big and small, have realized that for companies to grow their employees should grow. Ishan is helping hundreds of corporations to create a corporate culture based on scientific spirituality to enhance employee well-being and the company’s financial performance.


Philanthropy and charity are an essential component of Ishan’s spirituality. It is based on human compassion and the Indian concept “Loka Samastha Sukhinobhavantu” (May everyone in the world be well and happy). Ishan teaches us all to be a “net giver” rather than a “net taker.”


Ishan has an art of making an advanced practice into something relatable for all ages through his light hearted demeanor. I wasn’t for sure if I was attending a meditation event or a comedy act and it truly was both. Through our laughter he guided us into a deep meditation that would have been difficult to do if we were practicing on our own. He brings a unique voice and wisdom to this ancient science.
Sonya Verma,
This week had make us so happy. I heard so many good and new opportunities. Sometimes, I was only speechless, in a perfect bind. In the first meditation camp in my life I feel like a princess and it is a great love. I feel like a new born. My wish, my bliss. Thank you so much. Bless you, Ishan!

Ulerche Thornaoursl
Secretary in the Govt of Upper Austria
I feel grateful and blessed that we were able to spend time with Ishan and he shared his wisdom with my coworkers, taught us breathing exercises and meditation. His unique way of story telling and a powerful message at the end is delightful. We were all left as happy souls, after the meditation session. I plan on continuing the practice of collective meditation at work during break times. Many thanks to Ishan for paying us a visit at Nordstrom.
Sangeeta Verma,
IT Manager, Nordstrom


Born into a highly accomplished spiritual family, Ishan Shivanand had some amazing learning experiences
growing up. During his childhood, Ishan was put through rigorous physical training and many years of deep transformative meditation by his master.

Transforming Corporations Along The Way!

A sampling of organizations that have benefited from Ishan Shivanand’s Corporate Training program.

Ishan tailors his programs to the needs of his audience. Contact us to learn more about how Ishan can help your employees and executives perform better at work and get more out of their lives!

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