GRATITUDE CHALLENGE DAY 19 – Featuring Ishan ji, baby milk bottles and a loving bunch of goats guzzling milk from Ishan ji’s hands

Cutest Gratitude Challenge you would have seen.

Innocence in nature is a basic trait. It is up to humans who possess a will to butcher or sustain this innocence.

Even in humanity, innocence is diminishing because man has stopped paying heed to sustaining nature. All efforts are aimed at butchering nature at the altar of development and indiscreet exploitation of natural resources.

When we make an effort to help nature, nature can feel that you’re the one helping it sustain so it will reciprocate manifold by taking care of you.

Young master Ishan ji says that it is not opinion but example that will transform the worldview of humans towards nature.

Today, Ishan ji is thankful for being an example in sustaining nature.

What are you thankful for today?