GRATITUDE CHALLENGE DAY 18 – Featuring Ishan ji the creative thinker, one of his best comic pieces & a beautiful, symbolic wax lamp

Shiv Yog Masters, the lineage have always been a step ahead of the seekers, not because they want to earn brownie points but because they want to mould the teachings to suit the sensibilities of the times in which they physically existed.

These masters have always had to be on their intellectual toes as they have had to reinvent, remodel the ancient wisdom to suit the modern needs. They have to be constantly at it, finding innovative, new exciting ways of driving divinity in the consciousness of the masses. They have to work doubly hard to speak language of the contemporary masses.

Today, Ishan ji is thankful for the imagination, the creative juices within him, coming from the line of Shiv Yogis which led to the commissioning of the Gratitude Challenge, a novel, interesting way to learn a profound teaching of spirituality & a fun method to learn the way of life.

What are you thankful for today?