GRATITUDE CHALLENGE DAY 15 – Featuring Ishan ji, the persistent tree planter

Success in any field in life comes not by fluke or by chance, but by consistent effort. We might win once, twice or a limited number of times by luck or by our skill but for us to rise above “flash in the pan” pot luck – which may win us few minutes of fame – we do need persistence.

Relationships don’t last the distance because we put in a goodness just once and expect that goodness to sustain the bond forever.

On this count, Ishan ji adds, we must water the seeds of love which we sowed through our initial outreach, for them to grow into mature trees. Whatever we want to achieve in life, we have to dedicatedly follow it up.

If there is a seed that has been planted, it has to be watered. If there is a relationship that you’ve initiated, water it with love and acceptance regularly. If there is a goal in life, a constant payment for its accomplishment has to be made to sustain and grow.

Life is all about persistence, perseverance and follow up. One summer doesn’t make a swallow. One big achievement doesn’t maketh a man. One has to prove one’s mettle every now and then, to be counted as an achiever.

Today, Ishan ji is thankful to Baba ji for teaching him the principle of persistence.

What are you thankful for today?