Look closely, lest you miss the wonder of nature. Daily after my Sadhna, I feed birds and today universe gave me a lesson. Amongst the many pigeons, ducks and aviary species I saw, a small chick with its mother. What amazed me was that there were hundreds of birds but the chick knew who it’s mother was. The mother moved around feasting on what I had to offer, picking up the juiciest morsels almost indifferent to the chick. It was the chick who from time to time would look around sensing the absence of his mother and at that moment the chick would break into a mad dash towards its mother in the crowd only to relax and calm down once by her side.

The process was repeated many times and each time the chick found her.

Yes there were many beautiful birds with exceptional qualities, the pigeon could fly, the duck could swim, the peacock was charming, the flamingo was mysterious but the chick only wanted his mother despite her shortcomings.
What the chick truly needed could only be provided by the hen and the chick was wise enough to know this.

I wondered how wise are we? We too are surrounded by humans, what is it that attracts us?
Do we like the chick, are aware of the difference between what we want and what we need ?
Or do we get attracted towards the superficial wants and let the life giving needs go to dust.

I look at man and see such difference between the wants and the needs, we need nutritious food but our body wants processed, artificial junk.
We need a loving wife, yet want a seductress we see on the television.
We need a good house yet want a mansion we can’t manage.
In the battle of needs and wants, the needs always takes a battering as always we compare our simple beautiful needs with superficial and exaggerated wants.

Our family waits as we travel on campaigns to conquer the unknown.

If only we were wise like the chicks, then our wants and needs would never contradict each other. For, then we understand the greater good and the needs merge with the wants.
If we are weak and sad today, that is only because we have strayed to far from what really is important
For what would we be the life of the chick without the hen.

Simplicity at the best.
Just for today I want you to try to live your life like the little bird. Maybe this is the key to happiness.
Just for today, do not compare the hen with the pigeons, your family from what they are to what they should become.
Just for today accept those around you and love them for who they are.
Just for today leave your smart tech and your Snapchats and your Instagrams and your TV and just find your family in the crowd.
Just for today hug them, praise them, love them, make them feel special, give them what you subconsciously seek from them.
For, this is what is real in life.
This is what may truly give you happiness.
In the crowd of pigeons your hen is waiting.
For, the ignorant ask the question who came first the chicken or the egg?
But the wise know if I exist my chicken waits for me somewhere.
All I need to do is find it, appreciate it, enjoy it.
Let’s make today special for the ones who are special for us.
For, relations should be assets and not liabilities.

Bless you love you
Namah shivay