There are three environments that we must learn to clean

1. Our mind – If our thoughts are impure we cannot reach the pinnacle of human existence.

2. Our body – If we fill our body with toxins then all our focus will be on managing our illnesses rather then discovering the secrets of the universe

3. The world around us – Perhaps the easiest way to achieve the above two objectives is to create a clean and beautiful environment.

When we are surrounded by clean air and tall trees our mind and body work differently. All the best universities in the world have ample gardens and greens for the students to be inspired in. All the greatest, most powerful temples I have ever meditated in have the cleanest air and the most magnificent nature around it to inspire awe in the hearts of the seeker.

Moral is simple. We as a society will survive in cities but we can only thrive if we have nature to enlighten us.

There are people who in the old age abandon their parents to old age homes and we call them selfish. Why then should we be the generation who abandons nature to oblivion through our polluting ways.

The true test of spirituality is when a seeker leaves behind more of nature then what he inherits.

Resuse, reduce and recycle.

Bless you