with International Executive Coach, Performance and Wellness expert


EKAGRAME is a system for helping professionals in any field to excel in their work through a sharper, more focused and less chaotic mind as well as healthier body.


EKAGRA is a Sanskrit word which means concentration and EKAGRA MIND is a state of mind where it is one-pointed and extremely focused.


The mind can be a great friend and also a great enemy. When one-pointed and focused, it becomes a fantastic tool for achieving great results. When distracted and chaotic, the same mind becomes your enemy and drives you in different directions leading to dissipation of energy and wasted opportunities.


It is said that a healthy mind can exist only in a healthy body and equally a diseased mind can lead to a diseased body. In the EKAGRAME program created by Ishan Shivanand, you will learn how to bring your mind into a state of one-pointedness, peace and focused tranquillity through a combination of physical processes, breathwork and meditation. This system is derived from ancient Indian practices that were lost to the world. Now Ishan Shivanand is introducing them in a modern and scientific format which makes it easier for today’s professionals to grasp and enjoy.


How Ishan’s EKAGRAME program is different –

  • Based on proven scientific principles and validated by results of various studies

  • Very unique program that scientifically addresses body, mind and spirit

  • The most scientific and artistic use of humor you will ever see

  • Scientific use of sound to harmonize both lobes of the brain

  • A program that positively changes your brain chemistry leading to a more blissful YOU!

  • Systematically simplifies complicated and esoteric meditative practices of ancient India

  • Teaches profound scientific and spiritual concepts in a simple, easy to understand way

  • This program has been successfully conducted at some of the world’s best-known Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and organizations over the years!

  • Delivers results!


Ishan’s EKAGRAME program enables you to:


  • Take meaningful and revitalizing breaks at regular intervals
  • Develop cognitive abilities for better decision making
  • Flush out stress and anxiety instantly, and on demand!
  • Improve awareness and emotional stability
  • Enhance pre-frontal cortex functioning for better critical thinking
  • Improve productivity
  • Mindfully nurture and develop relationships
  • Learn to set and manifest goals scientifically
  • Learn to unbox inner peace & tranquillity
  • Master the art of mindful communication
  • Learn to build unshakable self-confidence in yourself