There is always comfort in company. The beauty and simplicity of a herd is tame a few, the rest will follow. If hundred people are standing in a line, it is understood that one must remain in place, irrespective of the imbecility one may find in the situation. in the end, it’s all acceptable if many suffer the same fate.

Think about it, we live in a world where genius is an anomaly and where questioning authority is condemned as rebellion. A world where base nature is not just acceptable but celebrated.

There may have been a time where pursuit of knowledge may have been seen as not just pinnacle of human existence, but the only logical endeavour worth embarking. Such a time today seems like a fable to the wise as they witness the genesis of a new normal. Gone are the days of prevention is better then cure. Today normal is disease management. Once meditation led to enlightenment which was the holy grail whereas as today it is stress management. Once, pleasure was experienced only as a part of existence whereas today it may seem as the sole purpose.

Every generation defines its normal and then strives to achieve it. Comfort in numbers. Like seeds in a sack, rubbing against each other in a small sack thinking ‘this is what it means to live’.

Yet, there are a few who do not want this normal. They want a life beyond the sack. For some people, being a seed is just not enough. Maybe it is an evolutionary mutation. Or maybe these people are suffering from an anachronistic hangover. Whatever the case, these people are clairvoyant to the repetitiveness of this binding biological loop.

These are the people who reach out to the skies and bring gods to humanity.
The journey may be tough but it is beautiful.

Like all seeds need to be planted, first step is choice. One must strive to find a teacher, a guru that will take you and help in the transition from seed into the plant. A man with a green thumb can easily give form to seed whereas a clown can kill the seed just as easily. If one is lucky enough to find the right guru then one thing is for certain and that is it is now just a matter of time.

The next step is strength. As one is plucked from the comfort of the sack and is thrown into the depths of earth, one may feel as if in solitary confinement. As one jumps, disillusioned by the ways of the world, deep in meditation one will find that the world will still continue its ways and like a child studying easily gets distracted by the laughter of the children outside so too a disciple of light may feel longing to be accepted. At these times, one must remember to be accepted by seeds, one must remain a seed but as the metamorphosis of divinity takes place, the seed will burst as it continues to germinate, forever changing its destiny leading to the only possible eventuality being that the seeds who love him will either morph themselves into plants and the seeds for whom their own form was far more important than love are the seeds which will drift. What is called a filtration process.

As a seed is never afraid to lose its form so too a sadhak must not be afraid to lose some people in the filtration process.

The third step is perseverance. As a seed germinates, it witnesses itself being bombarded by sunlight. It experiences itself being drowned in rain. So too a sadhak may find at times the Sadhna of the guru may become too harsh like the scorching sun or one may feel drowned in the duties of life. Yet at these times the goal must be remembered and just like no matter how tough the day, a man finds time to eat to sustain the body, so too a man each day must find time to meditate to sustain the journey of the soul. A guru is not somebody who conforms your beliefs, he is someone who shatters them, the form of the seed must go , it must disappear, so never let the ego, which is a mere shell, be offended by knowledge or experience. Persevere on your path.

In time, a day will come when you will be a seed no more. A time when you will be with your own people. No more a seed with million others in a sack but a tree with others touching the sky. Free to feel the wind and the sun. Free to give birth to infinite more seeds.

It starts always with choice to confirm with seeds gives happiness but to stand tall with trees is ecstasy.

The path may be tough and to leave the only form.

This may sound as lunacy but have faith.

Have faith not in me not in God, have faith in your self. Faith in the self will give you strength to break out of your own shell. You deserve a life of limitless possibilities for it is the destiny of each seed to eventually become a tree.

Once even I thought I was a seed. I used to just pray for a hero and that hero was never me. Then came my guru and he helped me break free. He then became my hero as I started to feel free. No longer am I seed and the miracle I finally see.

I thought he was my hero but now I am confused as the more I am with him, I look like him and he looks like me 😊😊

Bless you
Love you
Namah shivay

Ps – on the left is Avdhoot Shivanand at the age of 22 on the right is Ishan Shivanand at the age of 22