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The concept that some lives matters more then others is the root cause of all evil in the world.

It’s this superiority complex that is drilled into children by their parents or teachers or community or religion. Telling them that as they belong to a certain thought that somehow they are superior to others. This sense of superiority thrives on the concept of putting others down as in this concept, reasons are not found or taught or promoted which makes one superior through actions and hard work but teachings and beliefs are created to propagate why one is better as others are worst.

Delusion of speciality, burden of belief, limitations of thought telling children that this God is great compared to others or that gender is superior or that animal is special or that race is special, when in truth all beings are just a small speck surviving through the grace and mercy of nature living in an environment more delicate then a baby’s smile.

Truth is no ONE is special, no ONE can be special as the one cannot exist without the other. We coexist and are interdependent, men cannot be without woman neither woman can be without man. Each animal is driven by the same instinct like you and I, where each animal cares for his young, becomes hungry and rejoices when provided for. Like mold bacteria formation on a piece of bread, kept in the sun, all beings formed on this planet. None superior all interdependent.

In Shiv Yog the basic principle of my guru is to respect all life. Let your actions be such that your existence should not be a burden but a boon to nature. Even a lion sits amongst wildest when satisfied, all beings coexist.

As a Shiv Yogi, let no action or festival or religious practice harm the beings of Shiva. We come from the saints who used to live in nature, being as one with nature. In the name of these saints, do not let evil prevail.

Diwali is coming, the Saint says it’s a good time to pray, meditate, do charity and be with family. The evil says let ego prevail and burst crackers in name of community or gamble in the name of festive spirit.

Be a divine Shiv Yogi. Protect, preserve and purify the environment for all beings including yourself.

The one who cuts the branch he sits upon is not considered wise. The one who respects all life and is superior through actions and conduct, the one whose life is a boon to all, only he is a true Shiv Yogi.

Festival is not when one dances like a madman, surrounded by funeral pyres of natural beings’ innocence.

Festival is not happiness derived from pain of others.

Festival as when happiness is shared.

Festival is when resources are shared.

Festival is when blessings are shared amongst man and beasts alike.

Let your festival be a reason of happiness for all life.

Love you

Bless you

Namah shivay