Corporate Wellness

While Ishan’s main focus is on grooming and developing the individual mentally, physically and emotionally, the organization can also be educated on how to set up a work environment that fosters creativity and innovation.

Creativity and innovation requires individuals and teams to access the subconscious mind. To access the subconscious mind one needs to enter into a deep state of relaxation and total alertness simultaneously. There are many things that organizations can do to create an environment and culture where it is easy for individuals and teams to be in the “zone” that can help them produce some outstanding work.

If you are interested in learning how ancient techniques can be applied to modern situations to produce extraordinary results for your organization, please contact us. We are here to help you achieve your goals!

Ishan Shivanand is a much sought after expert in Human Resources development, Cognitive Therapy and Performance Enhancement Coaching. Many large multi-national organizations such as GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, FACEBOOK etc have repeatedly turned to Ishan to help their employees master techniques to not only combat or minimize stress but to also learn how to thrive in a high-paced, high-stress environment.

While most change management experts and wellness consultants focus on providing a long to-do list for organizations and senior management in order to improve the well-being and performance of their employees, Ishan focuses on making individuals physically, mentally and emotionally strong, robust and at the same time flexible and agile.