“After attending a shivir you realize that your life has changed and you say there is an all new you. There is nothing new. It is the same you but only thing is that you have cleansed yourself now. Like when you  fully cleanse your house, it will look like a palace. It is not that you have rebuilt a palace but you have cleansed the house so well that it now has become a palace for you.babaishanji-small

Everyone looks for a positive happy face as they receive energy from a smiling face. Shiv Yogis, the children of Shivanand beam and radiate always. When your wife is impressed with you, when your parents are proud of you and when people become happy in your presence, know that you are a true Shiv Yogi.

Anyone has the capacity to uplift themselves. How do you think Babaji started it all? He used to sit silently doing his sadhna and then one day he just got up and today you can see it all. Why do you always think that in this world only negativity spreads quickly or diseases spread or the world is doomed. Someone sneezed somewhere and those around caught the virus and then they sneezed and spread it around, is what we hear about spread of viruses. Divinity is contagious too and can spread rapidly too. Babaji sneezed “Shiv Yog” to a handful in the start and then they sneezed it around and the it was so contagious that now lakhs of them are spreading it contagiously because divinity also can spread. If you have received the energies of your Guru, it then becomes your duty and right to spread that divine energy to others by inspiring them with your actions and energies. You then have no right to blame anyone or judge anyone or complain about anyone. You only spread the Guru’s love and grace.This is ‘jyot se jyot jagao’.