शिवयोग का नेक्टर ऑफ़ लाइफ शिविर मनुष्य चेतना के लिए एक तोहफे जैसा है

2016-11-26T07:38:52-05:00September 12th, 2016|Wisdom from Prati Prasav (Gujarat)|

  "इस शिविर में हम ऐसी ऐसी क्रियाएँ करेंगे जो पहले कभी न की होंगी और यह मैं अपनी उपस्थिति में ही आपसे करवाऊंगा| इन क्रियाओं को तुम पहली बार करोगे तो तुम्हें बता दूं  कि शरीर को कुछ भी नया दोगे तो शरीर को बताना पड़ेगा की कुछ नया करने जा रहे हो| इसीलिए तो [...]


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"The world is running on rituals so to speak. Every animal is busy in its rituals. The only difference between animals and humans is that the animals are busy with natural rituals. We, on the other hand, have created a world of our mind's liking work ethics of our own committing every deed as a ritual. However [...]


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"Being ambitious is being youthful. Being an aware dreamer is being youthful. Baba ji himself is youthful. His dreams for humanity continue eternally. Just when you think that's about it, he moves to the next milestrone. He himself says that son, if you want to be creative, always keep a dynamic approach to life. Never stop [...]

Towards a Young Existence, a stable, well-earned successful life

2016-11-26T07:50:21-05:00September 10th, 2016|Wisdom from Prati Prasav (Gujarat)|

"The most precious tool to succeed in life is penance. The secret behind the success of every acclaimed person is penance. Even the devils, when they harboured a desire, they too sat for penance. Without inner perseverance life is steeped in darkness, is fruitless, glowless. Taking shortcut in life, taking a path devoid of penance will [...]