By the grace of our beloved Babaji and dedication of his blessed sadhaks we are ready for the first ever live shiver being streamed to Canada.

I am extremely excited and ecstatic.

I remember when I was young I wanted to learn a type of ancient martial arts ,I searched up and down the country and finally after 6 years found a small ashram which claimed to teach.

But as I was in the ashram there was a protocol to be followed the day begin by washing the ground ,then I had to trim the grass cut the wood cook the food and so my time was spent doing duties and once a week for a few hours I was taught some secrets. After months I returned home a bit sad. And wondered if I had utilized all this time just to practice the art what different outcome would have been. So much time wasted in protocol and search. How lovely it would have been if the true masters would come out of the shadows and into the light .How beautiful it would be if I had the means to be with my family in my home yet learn the ancient secrets of my ancestors.I wondered how beautiful if the master had appeared as the seeker was ready for I knew I was not at fault I had tried to find but I couldn’t maybe the masters needed to do more to come to the seekers for was it not their only job their one true purpose of existence ??? to bring the knowledge to humanity .It was then I promised myself if ever I had such knowledge I would spread it with the same zeal with which I had searched it .And with the power of my guru and efforts of the shiv yog youth today I have realized my dream. we have bridged the gap between the master and the student.

Now we evolve new technology is with us . We don’t need to run around in forests looking for the master ,by just a click of a button the divine can enter our hearts through the screens of our gadgets .

My master says we must evolve with the times if we have the Means we must utilize them . And now through the guidance of young shivyogies finally we can use technology for good.

Canada here I come
Not in body but in heart
And I think that’s really what matters
Blessings Namah shivay