No it won’t be. This was a joke but now that I have your attention, read on.

But have you seen how attracted we are to such headlines or for that matter how many people are guilty of reading just the headlines in the newspaper and never reading the news in it self? Funny world we live in.


Imagine if you had just three seconds to impress your crush or if you had three seconds to study for your exam or three seconds to learn how to play an instrument.

Sounds impossible does it not? What if I told you that this was not a fantasy but a requirement, what if I told you this is the way the world works? A world created by our own hands.

An expert told me that in the world today, people follow something that is called the three second law. Now what it represents is that the patience of a person does not last more then three seconds. So imagine if you want someone’s attention for a cause or a product or lets say likes for your page, then you have but three seconds to make an impact or else you would be scrolled down or the channel would be changed or the post would be dismissed.

Now imagine in that three seconds. How much can the information be toned for it to be fit into that time frame. How many times are substance and quality compromised for presentation and appeasement.

But most of all how shallow are our causes and understanding of the natural world and psychological motivations and human behavior if our attention is as jittery as a musca domestica (wonder who would google to see what this word means).

Maybe that’s why we don’t like to get to the root cause. In india itself if one studies the media, one will find that any event that happens, a criminal would not be just called a criminal we would like him to be generalized to sensationalize the piece. A crime against women would require to bash all men, regardless of who they are. Men are bad is the message purveyed.

A crime against society would need a religious twist or love for animals would be cause to call one to be a Bhakt or a saffron pusher.

A world where being liberal means following the crowd, even if the crowd is heading towards the edge of a cliff.

Having all the answers is different then having a solution. To have a solution one needs patience and understanding. One needs to mediate and only then one can take the bull by its horn.

Otherwise if society follows three second rule then it won’t be long before we are one second people and people are judged again by the color of their skin or the language that they speak or the length of their beards. I wonder if it is happening now.

All I am saying is if you spend ten minutes in a line waiting for your coffee then at least spend ten seconds to smell and see what you are about to gulp in a second. If you spend a minute taking pictures of your food and uploading on Instagram then take at least a few seconds to taste what you are putting in yourself.

If you are spending hours watching an adventure series then take time out to have an adventure of your own.

All I am saying is
See what you see
Hear what you hear
Taste what you taste
Smell what you smell
And feel what you feel

Why let someone else do it for you and squeeze all that beauty in three seconds?

For if it is so then it is but a shell full of nothing.

I wonder how many will read what I wrote and how many are lost in the crowd of three seconds.

I know people like me exist who still take the time and enjoy patiently what the world offers for god lies in the details. Like and share if you have the ultimate gift of patience and let the world know that you are the people who have the patience to appreciate what is to be offered.

In the end what is the sense of sensible people living as fools ,when even fools have the means to be wise.

Bless you love you
Namah Shivay
Ishan Shivanand