“For ideal outcome, create ideal environment. The kind of thoughts, the kind of body, the kind of rules you have set for yourself will decide what will become of you.”

“To paint everyone with the same brush is to be racist. To say that all good men have an ulterior motive is to be racist. Every dream is not a nightmare. Every flowing breeze is not a storm. There is goodness in the world. Do not generalise your perception based on one bad example.”

“Take pride in having a Guru. Do not be shy to concede that there is a role model in your life because the one who doesn’t have a Guru makes everyone his Guru. A misguided life will result if there is no direction, no Guru.”

“Shiv Yogis are the hope of divinity. Without Shiv Yogis, the world will succumb to addictions and decadence. The positivity of your sadhna is infectious. It makes your existence vital for happiness to prevail. Your presence is a healer and an inhibitor to sin.”

“As Shiv Yogis, you are in a situation where the world is hibernating, the world is sleeping and you’re the lucky one who has woken up. And now you have the opportunity to gain an edge over others, to help yourself be the shining star among the average. You’re the proverbial early bird who will catch the worm. Let you be the ambassador of Shiv Yog, hallmark of a life of realisation of the true self – infinite potential, infinite possibilities, infinite ascension and unlimited inner bliss.”