Ishan’s work has reached all corners of the globe today. Awards and recognition continue to flow in from the governments and corporations around the world as thousands of people experience enormous benefits from Ishan’s efforts.

14th January 2020

Special appreciation by the biggest sports club in Mauritius churning Olympians. The club recognized Ishan ji’s outstanding contribution in helping athletes from economically weaker sections lower stress, boost performance and excel with the mental strength edge.

December 24, 2019

Brooklyn, New York: Proclamation for bringing good health, peace and joy to millions around the globe in thousands of meditation and self-improvement programmes worldwide.

December 7, 2019

Cincinnati's Proclamation of Ishan Shivanand Day in honour of his powerful method of excellence for personal and corporate success through vedic wellness and mindfulness modalities.

4th October 2019

Ishan Shivanand Honoured by UK World Book of Records for his matchless contribution in preventative and promotive healthcare through vedic mindfulness protocols.

3rd May 2019

Appreciation by the Mauritius Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research for performance coaching talent management and stress reduction to students and learners.

21st June 2018

Recognised in the British Parliament through an Honour Award for alleviating stress, mitigating suffering & making this world a better, more peaceful place through mindfulness workshops and ancient meditative protocols imparted in all seminars globally.

November 29th, 2017

Flag of the USA flown over the US Capitol, November 29, 2017 in recognition of his contribution in the field of stress relief, global peace initiatives & meditative practices for individual & societal health improvement.

November 29th, 2017

Special Congressional Recognition by Brian Fitzpatrick for Ishan ji’s body, mind and soul personality development seminars targeted at stress relief, productivity enhancement, sleep and relaxation.

November 25th, 2017

Special citation, Nassau County, New York for his outstanding contribution to guide the youth towards an achievement oriented life and instilling a sense of self motivation for all.

November 25th, 2017

New York State Assembly, Certificate of Merit conferred by David I Weprin for Ishan ji’s dedication & service to global community.

October 28th, 2017

Special Youth Empowerment Commendation by Mayor, The City of Milpitas recognising Ishan ji’s tireless efforts leading the youth towards ancient Shiv Yog cosmic rejuvenation with a contemporary touch.

August 4, 2017

Acknowledgement Letter from Canadian National Leader of Opposition Progressive Conservative Party (PCP) Patrick Brown, welcoming Ishan ji’s benign presence in Ontario.

7th May 2016

Official Proclamation of Commendation and administrative recognition from Lake City, Georgia Mayor Willie Oswalt.

1st April 2016

*MGI/RTI Recognition for Youth Empowerment, Govt of Mauritius*

18th June 2016

Special Citation by Comptroller, Nassau County, New York*

June 27th 2016

Commendation by House of Delegates John J Bell*

June 26th 2016

*Special commendation by John Cook, Virginia Delegate*

July 7, 2016

*Appreciation Letter, Mayor, City of Columbia*

June 16, 2016

*Conferred US flag by Honorable US Senator Mike Fitzpatrick*

Kannen Chu on behalf of California Legislative Assembly honoured Ishan Shivanand for his outstanding contribution towards inculcating the virtues of Unconditional Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness through Shiv Yog Meditative sciences and for offering a refreshingly new perspective on ancient wisdom to the global community.