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Humanitarian | Visionary | Pioneer of Meditative Innovation | Wellness Wizard | Author: ON A QUEST TO HELP GOOD PEOPLE BECOME BETTER: 3000 workshops, 7 continents, 1 million participants and counting.....
Humanitarian | Visionary | Pioneer of Meditative Innovation | Wellness Wizard | Author :

What is the difference between positivity and overconfidence?

2018-03-10T10:53:46-04:00March 10th, 2018|Blog|

Many seekers in this world are eager to know whether there is a line between positivity and overconfidence. I want to say that do we need a line of differentiation? Do we really need to know the line? In fact, is there actually a line of distinction between being good and believing that you are good? [...]

Make good people better

2018-03-07T08:49:26-04:00March 7th, 2018|Blog|

"Most spiritual people understand the basic principles of compassion and kindness. In other words, they are already good people. My idea is to contribute to their growth and make them better by facilitating the unfoldment of their dormant capabilities through ancient meditative practices which I learnt first hand myself from my Guru. I want to bring [...]

Meditation may have become a lifestyle essential for modern employees, says Harvard study

2018-03-03T10:01:44-04:00March 3rd, 2018|Uncategorized|

Meditation may have become a lifestyle trend embraced by a vast multitude of populations around the globe however do you know that before it became a ubiquitous trend endorsed by celebrities and renowned figures, this was a sacred practice, a holistic recipe of success and evolution for monks, seers, rishis and sages of ancient Indian civilization. [...]

5 reasons why everyone should learn to meditate

2018-02-15T12:03:43-04:00February 15th, 2018|Blog|

Meditation is taking the world by storm. Gone are the days when it used to be associated with just highly successful people as a means of coping with stress and anxiety. In the contemporary times, its ubiquitousness is likened to that of a smartphone today. So, awareness of keeping ourselves fit has led to meditation becoming [...]

Prevent virus of stress with firewall of meditation

2018-02-12T09:45:23-04:00February 12th, 2018|Blog, Quotes|

"Meditation to a human being is what internet is to a mobile phone and antivirus is to a computer. Without it you can be easily influenced by the virus of stress, fear, unwanted emotions. Without sadhna you cannot live happily and also without it you remain an outdated version of yourself even as the world around [...]