Anushthan: Intensive DH-21 - Digital purchase

"The Physical phase includes the triple stages of Deepening,
Activation and Purification"

- Ishan Shivanand

About the Anusthan

This meditative protocol is constituted by two essential phases (Sthool or physical and Sookshm or subtle) of the 21-day mandatory practice (Anushthan) as enunciated by Mindfulness Master Ishan Shivanand during the event. The Physical phase includes the triple stages of Deepening, Activation and Purification as well as all the step-wise series of intricate breathwork, energy processes and unfoldment modalities encompassed in them, as taught during the programme.

The follow-along material also includes the three constitutional components of the Subtle phase – ‘Srishti chakra’ (Materialisation component), ‘Sanghar chakra’ (Dematerialisation component) and the Aatm Sat (Assimilation component).

The download material includes carefully curated guidance for the lucid understanding and hassle free follow along of attendees of the first ever ONE-DAY intensive Deep Healing Sadhna held in Gulf.

Namah Shivay!

Dear seeker, Congratulations on being a part of the “most powerful online meditation programme in the recent past” as participant feedback has revealed and as the meditating partakers too have attested. May this blessing transform your life in ways beyond your imagination, in the coming three weeks (and beyond!) every time you meditate on them with devotion and with the intention of upliftment. Also, wishing for you to scale higher peaks in the journey ahead by way of enhancement in your health, wealth, relationships and happiness.


Please note that this 21-day daily guided ‘sadhna anushthan’ meditation has been rendered for the end use of participants of Gulf legs of Intensive Deep Healing Sadhna and only. Reproduction, piracy or sharing of these with anyone amounts to an act of illegal nature, tantamount to degradation of the institution which is working to deliver more such fruitful recordings. Help the cause. Help yourself. Remember, Honesty is the only policy.