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As I walked deep in the mountains, I came across a secluded lake filled with tadpoles.

Children swimming in a small pond unaware of the vast forest around them. Their legs not yet developed, the only possible locomotion is movement with a temporary tail.

They swam in a hurry from one corner of the pond to another, satisfied that they knew what the world was around them.

Soon they will grow, the tail will vanish, the legs will appear, the gills will go, the evolution complete from tadpole to frog. The amphibian will jump out to discover a new world, new possibilities limited only by the frog’s inquisitiveness.

All tadpoles you saw in the pool will become frogs

Alas the same cannot be said for man

All men too are tadpoles swimming in a karmic pool but unlike the tadpole, they have been swimming for eons, rediscovering the same territory, propelled by their tail which in this case is ego. The tadpole drops the ego, man does not. He holds on to his finite limited thought, has been holding onto for so long. Happy being a tadpole, unaware, ignorant. Only a few men may dare to swim out of this pool, my father did eventually thankfully so did I.

I love the world that I saw. You too, like me, are on the way out. But on this path, be strong be focussed

Remember a tadpole cannot debate with a frog.

Trust me, I tried so many times to convince tadpoles. Their IQ is limited. It’s not that they are retarded, it’s just that they are not capable of evolved thought. Don’t waste your time on them for if you push too hard, they are not ready to come out, their ego remains. They will perish. They have to walk their own path, make these conclusions themselves.

Hence, at times you can just pray for your brothers and sisters still in the pond. Don’t debate with them it’s useless, don’t push them, it’s dangerous. I tried, it does not work. I think I am teaching them to come out but in fact they are teaching me to come in .

The only thing my own journey stops as even though a frog, I must remain near the pond. Hence I beseech you, stop debating with the tadpoles, enjoy and explore. There are so many wonders.

I wish to say that yes the tadpole may try to guilt you of your own evolution, will even try to make you feel uncomfortable of your own growth, saying you have changed, you have left the pond.

But don’t let them guilt you of your own success.

Just move on, there is so much more.
A whole world beyond your world

To the tadpoles all I say is your pool is shrinking pal wake up, the sun is up, the pool will dry up as you live. Then where will you go? the universe has given you everything
Just grow up
Hope you drop your tail. That’s all I pray for you.

And to the frogs, I say enjoy.

Life has just begun.

Bless you
Love you
Namah shivay