Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Everything that we experience – traumatic or otherwise gets stored in our sub-conscious mind affecting our thought, belief systems and behaviour. That is why after any traumatic incident, people develop fear, anger, phobias or emotional alienation. It is important that like a person performs physical detoxification, a person must also learn to do emotional detoxification. One of the most important techniques to achieve this goal is through meditation and through ancient yogic practices. Just like a person takes bath, just as a person empties his bowels, in the same manner, every few months or whenever a person goes through a traumatic incident in ancient India, he was made to practice Shiv Yog Advance Prati Prasav sadhna.


Shiv Yog Advance Prati Prasav sadhna basically meant rebirth, where through using

1) The techniques of Yoga

2) The cosmic powers of an awakened master

3) Chanting of sacred mantras

4) Pranayam

a person would choose to throw out all the emotional and excessive psychic garbage. This purification process would lead a person to be very healthy emotionally and be a very productive member of the society.

Through Shiv Yog Advance Prati Prasav, we can help an individual release all the unresolved issues of his life. When we practice this sacred meditation, we see a rapid release of the mental burden resulting in peace of mind, good health and eradication of all factors which come as hurdles in the life of a human being.

Shiv Yog Advance Prati Prasav is comprised of the techniques which any body can assimilate in their lives – complex breathing patterns and detai ledunderstanding of the human nature, combining them with ancient meditative techniques. When a person meditates in this manner, he starts taking energy from his own self and he starts to resolve his own issues. Basically, Prati Prasav means self empowerment, giving a person the choice redeeming his life because Prati Prasav means rebirth.

 As a person leads his life, as a person experiences emotions, he understands slowly that there are no choices and slowly as a person realizes that he has no control over anything and everything, he accumulates a negative neuropathway. In Shiv Yog Advance Prati Prasav, an enlightened master empowers the disciple with the freedom of selecting the best, the power to destroy, the power to release the unwanted.

After attending Advance Prati Prasav sadhna, a person

1) Feels empowered

2) Feels he has the tendency to come out of the painful incident

3) Avails a chance to overcome pain and misery

4) Let go of grudges and emotional stress.

5) Receives a choice, a freedom to be free, to learn from the incident and move on.