Imagine a life where every second you spend with your master, you see his every move you and truly understand the meaning in his earthly visit.

imagine a life where your Guru is so much more then just a spiritual guide, where he literally holds your hand and steers you through every obstacle, a fairy tale where metaphors have no place, where your every question is answered by the epitome of all knowledge, a life where when the whole world chases the Enlightened, you are born to the great sage who knows your purpose even before you do.Imagine a life where miracles are a daily occurrence, a childhood where a child’s reality contains more magic than the tails spun by men long gone.

That is the life I have lived. That is the life I want to share with you.

That is the life into which I offer a glimpse. A vision of eternity.

Bless you!
Ishan Shivanand