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The versatile and erudite master that Ishan is, he takes a new age approach to unravelling the ancient, secret recipes of success following which all renowned figures, eminent achievers and noted personalities reached the pinnacle of success in their lives.

Celebrated motivational speaker Ishan has been at the forefront of honing the vast ocean of potential which the youth around the world possesses to transform this planet and make it a better place to live – where outer development comes through a sustainable approach, guided by activation of inner conscience and where a “win-win” and “work-less-accomplish-more” approach replaces ruthless and reckless competition.

Many endeavours – to harness the capabilities of youth, to prepare them for being the able future leaders shouldering responsibilities and to empower them to not only face but overcome the challenges of the world – have materialized in highly enlightening sessions as part of the free of cost event – Science of Success