Ishan Shivanand: Building Capacity of Humanitarian Compassion


The hallmark of true philanthropy isn’t providing momentary relief or respite from poverty, hunger or destitution or for that matter reprieve from any adverse situation, condition or circumstance, rather it is the creation of a legacy of empowerment such that the charity cycle is unending, unbreakable and self-sustainable.

Creating such an automatic capacity of compassion is Ishan Shivanand. The young master is the son of and direct spiritual disciple cum trainee of Self Realized Yogi, officially and Internationally recognized authority on Cosmic Sciences, Ancient Healing Guru Dr Avdhoot Shivanand.

Robust in appearance and steadfast in principles, Ishan has been at the forefront of creating systems of philanthropy, whereby he is going beyond performing active charity,

Ishan Shivanand since birth has been trained under the watchful and divine eyes of his Enlightened Master and father His Holiness Avdhoot Shivanand.

Right from the outset,  Ishan Shivanand wished to tread a path less travelled by. As he saw the world around him, he noticed that everyone is working at something or the other but with an inspiration to feed and satiate their own needs and luxuries or at the most those of their kith and kin. No one is thinking beyond the shell of I, me and myself. No one is willing to direct his energy to the greater cause.

No one is thinking on the lines that a foundation must be laid for global happiness campaign such that a day would come that all the planning around alleviating hunger, poverty, sustainable growth, youth empowerment, environmental upliftment, holistic development, stress free life, healthy living materializes into a reality.

The young ishanji did and thought that the need of the hour is to set up a holistic resource base – human resource, economic resource, a service resource, an institutional resource so that a remarkable difference can be brought about in the lives of societies, communities, populations, nations and one day raise the quality of life for the entire world.

Ishan ji’s honesty and willingness to go the altruistic way was supported by his family which encouraged him to be trained in the ancient vedic ways as well as in modern science so that being a young man with manifest capabilities, he could be the leading light for guiding the modern man in general and the youth in particular, who is in dire need of a role model to sail it through the distractions and distress prevalent in the era we exist in.

Acceding to this noble vision which his inner instinct directed him towards, Ishan decided to dedicate his life to the cause of humanity. He vowed to stream against the mainstream in embracing a path of nobility and meditation at a young age rather than succumbing to peer pressure as anyone his age would fall prey to.

In no time, Ishan became an (a spiritual teacher who leads by example) and excelled in all the ancient healing arts and mastered the Shiv Yog Prati Prasav sadhna, a meditation practice which helps a person rise above all his past belief systems and limitations. Ishan also added his awakening philosophy to the ancient practice of Shiv Yog where he believes that all humans are one species which have a responsibility towards the betterment of the planet. He believes as the consciousness of the being rises through purification, a man can truly help himself and uplift the society in which one resides.

Right from his prime, Ishan looked up to movies, cartoons and popular culture which revealed an inspirational figure behind every successful person, what the eastern culture recognized as Guru. So, Bruce Lee to Doctor strange, Kung Fu Panda to Batman everyone had an anchor which would be their guide through thick and thin, helping them tide over difficulties, teach the tricks of the trade and teaching them the right from the wrong. The obsession with this concept of having a master took on a different level when the phenomenon in virtual world of cartoons gave way to real life as a curious youngster witnessed the worth gadget gurus and tech tycoons accorded to gurus. The dotcom heavyweights and tech titans all having an intrigue towards spirituality and mystics in their search for the ultimate truth and happiness piqued the imagination of young Ishan no end.

The confession of ultimate achievers, the likes of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg et al in their memoirs that they had an inclination for enigmatic aspects of life such as spirituality and the inner self proved to be the moment of epiphany for Ishan.

When this realization finally dawned upon him, Ishan took a leap of faith and vowed to devote his every breath to being a Good Samaritan and gain comprehensive knowledge of vedic sciences, scriptures, inner arts, eastern and western meditative processes, allied medical sciences, human psychology and behaviour among a welter of subjects having a direct influence on the life of modern man.