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Aravallis is the oldest mountain range in India. Compared to them, the Himalayas are in their infancy.

There is a mystic allure in these dark mountains for they have witnessed more then can ever be imagined. They have been hosts to great kings and powerful saints. Although the stories of these saints are lost to pages of history, yet a glimpse can still be found in the ageless songs of bards, the music passed down to them from generations.

There is great love and uniqueness in the saints that hail from the desert regions of Aravallis. In fact, immense power can be found and experienced from these desert saints. An alien world with different sky and earth that can not be imagined, just experienced is where Avdhoot Shivanand comes from.

I have spent my childhood in these mountains where my father used to practice severe tapasya.

It is my wish to take Shiv Yogis to my guru’s tapobhoomi, hidden deep within these ancient mountain ranges.

A Gowshala created by our hands now stands where we lived long ago. It is written in our scriptures, he who meditates in a gowshalla magnifies his divinity to the point of infinity.
I want Shiv Yogis to experience this awesome power.

As I myself will be the host and all who come would be my guests, the number of Shiv Yogis coming would be limited. Pray that one day my material resources become infinite so I may host all who love me. ☺️

Bless all who will have a chance to meditate with me in this divine land.

Love you
Bless you
Namah Shivay