1) If you are a professional looking to scale your goals with greater focus and energy – ‘Mt. Achievement’ as some say – or raise your work output levels, find peace amid the deadlines, embrace a more holistic approach to growth & innovation, foster a happy & helpful work environment.


2) If you are a mother seeking to balance your worldly life & personal growth, eager to learn the virtues required to excel at managing relationships, being ‘teenage tantrum’ child ready, discharge duties with more sincerity, handle situations and crisis with better emotional solidity and mental strength.


3) If you are a student desirous of organising your knowledge & career goals better, making a lifestyle investment which offers you the twin benefits of furthering your vocational ambitions whilst empowering your existence holistically to help you deliver your best.


4) If you are a family man but hard pressed for personal time, looking to make relationships peaceful, loving, strong and caring. Passion, compassion, acceptance & forgiveness are few of the many takeaways of Ishan’s workshops.


5) If you are on a quest for self actualisation willing to learn the subtle nuances for fulfilling your hierarchy of needs – worldly and spiritual – success, abundance, happiness and contentment, facilitating your progress towards detoxification, peace, evolution & perfection.