Hanuman Chalisa – New Audio Release

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Bhaj Lo ji Hanuman: Ishan ji cover ft. AVDHOOTA At last! The wait is over for the most awaited Shiv Yog release of the year. Ishan ji's birthday gift to all. Share your review now with Ishan ji. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS0RBykHDJQ For Purchase in Rupees(Rs) ,Please click Here For Purchase in Dollars($) , Please Click Here

Anyone looking for a reason to be happy? Here’s two grand ones.

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Good news! ISHAN JI'S BIRTHDAY GIFT TO SADHAKS IN 2016: NEW LOOK SHIV YOG FORUMS Namah shivay! If last year it was Shiv Yog Tandav, this year, July end will spell a divine bonanza in the form of magnificent multiplication in the magnitude and excitement on the occasion of Ishan ji's birthday. Coming up is an [...]

South Africa Guru Purnima

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  ISHAN JI'S SURPRISE DISCOURSE IN ADVAIT SRI VIDYA 4 BABA JI'S UNEXPECTED LEELA ON GURU PURNIMA Lot to learn from Pokemons, says the young master in a 'chuckle-a-minute' discourse, high on subtle messages Namah shivay! Springing a surprise on Guru Purnima on Tuesday in South Africa, Ishan ji said here in Johannesburg that on Guru [...]

Read Shivanand the comic? Share your review.

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WHEN TALE OF A LEGEND GETS LEGENDARY REVIEWS   Every panel, every word of every comic is a phenomenal effort. Books are good but then the writer leaves everything to the imagination. Comics are a million times more difficult as then you must imagine yourself, each aspect of the story. Since I was a child, I [...]

To, Selfless ‘Sun’ Father from a Selfless ‘Sunshine’ son

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I remember when I was a child I would look at my father and compare him with the sun. For, the sun picks up moisture, the water never reaches it. The sun never takes, just redistributes. From a land of plenty to a land parched, the sun helps the storm clouds form, spreads the water far [...]