Love Yourself First – Seeds of Meditation

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  Now this is bound to touch your heart. Young Wizard Ishan Shivanand takes to his mother tongue in driving home a beautiful lesson. Stop chasing others for love. You become the embodiment of love yourself. Otherwise the situation is like seeking alms from a beggar. Cease seeking love outside. Look within.


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GRATITUDE CHALLENGE DAY 19 - Featuring Ishan ji, baby milk bottles and a loving bunch of goats guzzling milk from Ishan ji's hands Cutest Gratitude Challenge you would have seen. Innocence in nature is a basic trait. It is up to humans who possess a will to butcher or sustain this innocence. Even in humanity, innocence [...]

Gratitude Challenge – Day 18

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GRATITUDE CHALLENGE DAY 18 - Featuring Ishan ji the creative thinker, one of his best comic pieces & a beautiful, symbolic wax lamp Shiv Yog Masters, the lineage have always been a step ahead of the seekers, not because they want to earn brownie points but because they want to mould the teachings to suit the [...]

Gratitude Challenge – Day 17

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GRATITUDE CHALLENGE DAY 17 - Featuring none other than Baba ji What happens when you are reflecting on the hardships in life and you are interrupted, or should it be said pleasantly guided on why the hardships arose in the first place, by a Siddha Today, Ishan ji is thankful for all the hardships in life [...]