Change (in Hindi)

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Change is the only constant. Change is the inevitability of the universe. Change is the one intrinsic trait governing the cosmos. And if change you have to, then redirect the change towards being more divine - every particle, every moment.

The Theory of Practical

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The boy played with his new toy car as his father watched the news. A wheel broke from the car to which the boy's reaction was loud but innocent. The boy exclaimed loudly looking at his ill fated toy. Oh shit!! the audible proclamation of fecal matter, immediately activated the disciplinary gene in the usually dormant [...]

Internet & Parenting

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  On the Parenting Trail - INTERNET: GOOD FOR SEARCH, NOT SO GOOD FOR PARENTING Internet parenting might expose your child to unforeseen risks While Internet may have it's vast array of boons, when it comes to rearing your child, Internet may be counter-productive. There is no substitute to the human touch. Nothing compares the wisdom of [...]

Seeds of Meditation – Poems from Ishan

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When I was young, Baba ji made me practice martial arts for a strong body. He made me do charity to strengthen the heart. I would study for my mind and then sometimes Baba ji would give me these riddles. Each word, in these poems, that Baba ji spoke had wisdom and power for Baba ji [...]

Why self-realized Masters travel

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Why you should travel with an Enlightened Master A traveller's perspective on the quest for the final frontier of a spiritual seeker. Before Charles Darwin wrote the evolution of species, he travelled the world. He went around in ships, observing different animals and diverse organisms. He catalogued what he found. And as he catalogued, he saw [...]