Utilize your life and your senses

Today the sun is shining
Today the sky is blue
Today the grass is green
Today the birds are singing
Today you are breathing

Can you feel the wind
Can you smell the flowers
Can you see the light shining past the clouds
Can you visualize your god
Can you hear the celestial sounds

You can if you want
God has given you your senses as a gift
Or senses can be the curse from the devil

A shiv yogi is sensible as he takes the senses as a gift
Or one is senseless if one looses direction

The difference lies in choice

How do you wish to spend this beautiful day
Hence if you must see search for beauty
If you must hear listen to music
If you must taste then taste divinity
If you must feel then feel peace
If you must smell then smell the fragrance of gurutatv

Utilize your life and your senses
Bless you love you
Namah Shivay

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  1. Urvashi Patel March 1, 2017 at 7:08 pm - Reply

    Om Namah Shivay Ishanji,
    We are in NJ US and would like to attend Beloved Babaji’s and your Silence Shivir in either Lucknow or Karjat Ashram.
    Kindly, please keep us in your list and send us more information about the silence shivirs at the Ashram.
    Thank you for the best Sleeping Duty Meditation and all your best shivirs.
    Lord Shiv Shiva, Babaji,and you have have given us the best guidance in our lives.Bless you.
    Thank you again.

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