Thank God if you have a sibling


Someone told me once that if you have a kid, always have more then one because a single kid is a lonely child. If you have more, you are gifting your kid friends for life, trusting companions for all ups and down because even when you will die, your kid will see a part of his parents in his siblings.

So give your kiddo cake birthday parties for pomp and prestige but if you truly care, grant him a brother or a sister. For, only when there is competition for light can a tree grow stronger than the rest. Don’t know why a wise man gave me such Gyan. But now in my own experience, I feel he was right. For, the face my sister gets to see is hidden from the whole world, the humour we share will turn even Belgian chocolate to red velvet. Thanks to my heavenly parents for all they have given me. But thanks for the custom-made friend for life.


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