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I met a man today. He was young and handsome. He was with his two daughters. He came across as a gentle and a loving father. He was humble beyond comprehension. Upon enquiring I found he was in the Air Force. A warrior always ready for duty. Serving his country. At the same time [...]

हो सकता है एक गधा आपके जीवन में वरदान हो

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क्या सुहाना मौसम था| ना ऐसी भीषण गर्मी की मच्छरों और मखियों की भीनभीनाहट सुनाई पड़ती और ना ही ऐसी सर्दी की बंदा बिस्तर से उठने को ऐसे जिझके मानो कह रहा हो मैं पैदा ही क्यों हुआ अगर इतनी गर्माहट से बाहर निकल ठिठुरना ही रह गया था तो| क्या सुबह थी और मुझे ऐसे [...]


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GODS AMONGST MEN   Everyone is always busy. We all defined by our beliefs live in patterns of our own architecture. We spare a few moments each day to look away from our screens towards the real world. Each time we look we give a sigh of exasperation towards reality and stating the obvious we sink [...]