दूरी का ध्यान रखें

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दूरी का ध्यान रखें जैसे ही मैंने सागर में एक गहरी डुबकी लगाई, एक नई और खूबसूरत दुनिया मुझे पता चली। एक ऐसी दुनिया जहाँ कोई गुरुत्वाकर्षण नहीं, जहां मैं उड़ान और स्वतंत्रता की भावना के सबसे करीब जा सका। एक विदेशी दुनिया जिसमें मैं अंतरिक्ष में बहते हुए एक ग्रह के सामान था। आकाशगंगाओं के [...]

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MIND THE GAP As I dived deeper into the ocean a new and beautiful world was revealed to me. A world with no gravity a world where I came closest to a feeling of flight and freedom. An alien world in which I was like a planet drifting through space ,so much emptiness like the space [...]

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No Journey lasts forever

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Thousands of feet above sea level not a soul in sight in sub zero temperatures these two dogs found me. Without fear they approached me as if they had a deep feeling of belonging as if they knew who I was. They sat in front as if they knew I would share my meager meal with [...]

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All tadpoles become frogs

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I WANT YOU TO READ THIS AND SHARE As I walked deep in the mountains, I came across a secluded lake filled with tadpoles. Children swimming in a small pond unaware of the vast forest around them. Their legs not yet developed, the only possible locomotion is movement with a temporary tail. They swam [...]

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Guru is one who can make you a child once again

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In simple words, a Guru is someone who can make us a child once again. Like a flower which blooms in the morning starts to wilt in the noonday sun, we too when we begin our lives are chirpy and innocent. But the harshness of our experiences slowly takes that beauty away. And then [...]

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Who is a champion?

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Who is a champion? The one who can make a lake for everyone, deep in the heart of the mountains. Maybe the mother who can console her son after a defeat. Maybe it's God for making the whole world. For like everything there is a mirror to everything, a reverse reflection. To light there is darkness, [...]

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We have to earn our dreams

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We have to earn our dreams, we must understand that we deserve to be invested upon. We invest in Mega corporations day in and day out. If I just tell you to calculate how much you spent on overpriced coffee last year or how much on takeaway unhealthy foods or how much money just loafing around [...]