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An endeavour at helping good people become better


Every day we feed our body so that it is well fuelled and ready to do what we want it to do.

However, what about providing for the nutrition & fuel for the mind and soul?
Soul Revival Meditation Programme by globally recognised spiritual master & educator of modern, practical spiritual practice Ishan Shivanand is the ideal platform to learn how to nourish your soul, release stress, fears & phobias to develop a ‘light’ existence with a solid foundation of values, best lifestyle practices & emotional perspectives.

In this programme, Ishan Shivanand will

A) Make you feel happy & energetic by helping your spirit free itself of toxins at diverse levels of existence
B) Help you learn the nuances of practical spirituality
C) Teach you how to upgrade your inner potential
D) Hone the skills which aid you in giving your best in every sphere of life
E) Assist you in discovering the good lying within you
F) Guide you in fostering loving relationships with your family & karmic connections
G) Help you erase any pent up or underlying emotions causing a vicious effect on your life at any level