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 Being the embodiment of unconditional love, Ishan ji’s mercv and compassion is inevitably not limited to human beings per se. It extends to the denizens of nature – animals. Ishan ji perceives animals as souls undergoing transformation in the garb of different living beings distinctly characterized but requiring equal attention, care and love.

He thus looks at them with equal love and care wanting to feed them at any given opportunity. Cows to monkeys, birds to swans, squirrels to cats, Ishan ji’s kindness has spared none.

Most notably, Ishan ji is an ardent supporter of the bovine upkeep and resonance. He perceives cows as sacred because cows are animals with evolved consciousness that are ready to take human birth after their cycle ends.

Ishan ji stresses that the human life is something which the consciousness of every living creature longs to experience, including the Gods and spiritual beings of different realms. This is because it is only through the human life that one can chose to ascend towards liberation and the human life is gifted to the soul as the results of immeasurable good deeds of previous lifetimes. Thus, the cow is considered sacred as it precedes the coveted human birth.

Close to four decades back, Ishan ji’s father His Holiness Avdhoot Shivanand and mother Guru Ma got together and created a vast open land for grazing of cows with unlimited supply of choicest fodder or green grass in Alwar, Rajasthan. What started with a few cows has now transformed into a paradise for the docile creature. Even today, here hundreds of cows are sent, which are found in pitiable conditions or are at a risk of ending up in slaughter houses. The special recovery and rehabilitation aid apparatus and systems evolved by His Holiness for cows ensures that cows which arrive in a feeble, infertile state turn fertile, lactating and fully healthy within weeks. Total care is taken of the cows – their hydration, nutrition, seasonal medications. You name it and the Shiv Yog hermitage has it. Herds of cows are grazed in total freedom and security. Their gratitude and compassionate action can be noticed when they rush towards the Shiv Yog Masters ji to be in His company whenever he visits this paradise. Many times, on Shiv Yog Master’s behalf, Guru Ma and Ishan ji frequent this cow heaven and take charge of it’s overall function.

More creatures on the radar of Shiv Yog Master’s mercy and compassion include dogs, monkeys, birds, fishes, cats etc.

Ishan ji’s kindness never misses a chance to share eatables with them. It is spectacular to witness how comfortable the animals and birds are in his presence. Recently, Ishan ji bought hundreds of caged birds, not to domesticate them as one would believe, but to release them in the Shiv Yog Lucknow ashram. He encouraged the performance of such acts but  ensure that the birds are well taken care of and fed well before they are released as they should be fit enough to take care of themselves, especially after having become inured to captivity and insecure to soar freely in the sacred space created by God.