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The Self-Realized Masters of the olden times had a compassionate inclination for distributing food in various forms to the needy. Ishan ji is no different. He has adopted numerous villages in Alwar for carrying out charity drives.

The biggest highlight of Shiv Yog’s ration distribution programmes conducted under the direct guidance and active involvement of Ishan ji is that they transcend the discriminatory barriers and have emerged as noteworthy unifiers of communities across religions, castes, creed, sex, age and social status.

The circle of beneficiaries is expanding every day and it is now beginning to include even those who are not in poverty but lead a frugal life. Ishan ji has formed dedicated volunteer teams comprising dedicated Shiv Yog seekers which distribute a specific amount of grains, pulses and cooking oil in a very systematic manner. Beneficiaries have been enlisted in a database and organized distribution takes place on a monthly basis. Ishan ji is an advocate of the humanitarian view, of Awakened Masters and Healing Gurus, which says that no person should sleep hungry in one’s vicinity because the grief of even a single soul does not let the souls in its proximity be truly at peace.