There are programmes that are continually being held worldwide

//There are programmes that are continually being held worldwide

There are programmes that are continually being held worldwide

Please relate more on this. What do you envision for the future?

When I was a child, as my father focused on my spiritual education, my mother wished for me to have a formal education as well. When I went to school, I learnt that children are being taught everything about the external world and nothing about the internal self. I learnt that children know how to work computers, phones and machines but don’t know how to deal with their own emotions. The result being that today machines are being more sophisticated and humans being more broken. Thus As the outer world progresses, sickness becomes more complicated. Psychological disorders become more advanced and the age of onset of depression, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders reduces every year. My vision is of a better world by helping people become better. Human beings are highly evolved beings if given a chance and that is what Shiv Yog does. It teaches people about the most sophisticated machinery on the planet – our own self. My vision is that if each child is taught meditation. If each man learns meditation, then the collective consciousness will start to turn towards empathy, love and peace. Once there is compassion towards fellow men, then even resources and science can be utilized for increasing the quality and expectancy of life rather than as a tool for destruction. With each day that I work, with each country that I travel, I learn there are more people like me who want to evolve, who want to make the world a better place. And as Shiv yogis around the world increase, I see my dream slowly turning into a reality. Hence, the urgency. I wish to raise people’s consciousness at a pace faster than with which this age is trying to pull it down.

Namah shivay

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