HONOURING THE ELDERLY 2017-10-30T22:05:40+00:00
The changing societal structure of the modern times has resulted in a huge shift in family values as joint families have given way to nuclear ones and worse still, discarding of parents when they turn old and helpless rather than caring for them as they cared for their children in their heydays.
Fortunately, there are a plethora NGOs and social workers aiding the cause of the elderly and working relentlessly towards helping such disowned lives reach into safer environments of orphanages and the home for the destitute. Shiv Yog, under Ishan ji, has with vigour always contributed to the cause of the old. Ishan ji says that the dictum old is gold holds true for citizens as for anything else. “Luckiest is the home where three generations reside happily under the same roof,” contends Ishan ji.
Guru Ma and Ishan ji with blessings from Shiv Yog Master have taken it upon themselves to reach out with funds, goodie bags and gift bags on regular visits to Vruddh Ashrams or Old Age shelters.
The mother-son duo have also made it a routine to visit such places and spend time with those in dire need of someone to confide themselves in, to share their life with.