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Ishan teaches that the greatest selfless service is one that is done to satiate a needy person’s appetite.

According to many scriptures and tenets of faiths too and most of all Shiv Yog teachings as well say that feeding the hungry is the foremost and most superlative form of service that one can and that one must do. A hungry soul is an angry soul. A satiated soul is a blissful soul.

Shedding light on the means and ways to go about whetting the appetite of the needy,

Ishan ii says that the true food philanthropy is not when a cheque or money is issued in any charitable institution’s name. True service of satisfying hunger is getting involved in the action of distribution from one’s own hands, to ensure that the seva is done with one’s own physical capacities, indicating 200% merit and engagement.

The real way of marking special occasions is to feed the poor and hungry. The ace philanthropist, Ishan ji says that when a hungry person appeases his hunger and feels contended, this vibe of contentment that emanates from the hungry is itself expressed as gratitude to the one serving the food, which is of great spiritual value. Shiv Yog ashram is involved in regular activities of feeding the hungry through community kitchens throughout the world. The essence of every Shiv Yog workshop is that it traditionally ends with serving the consecrated food as prasadam to the multitude of the participants. Shiv Yog is attributed with food distribution in nation states across the globe at any given time.

The endeavours of food distribution drives in Shiv Yog, has now assumed the proportions of a movement with seekers around the world getting inspired to alleviate hunger as a beautiful and positive chain reaction.

The seeds of this movement were sown by His Holiness Avdhoot Shivanand and Guru Ma three decades back in Rajasthan when the consort of the Master as a humble servant of the Almighty, under the guidance of the Master used to prepare food herself for hundreds of children and the needy from villages in hinterland Rajasthan.

As the number of people increased, they had to hire cooks to continue this act. Since then, they have never looked back when it comes to feeding people and today, lakhs of people all around the world are fed through various Shiv Yog events, bhandara seva, treats, etc.

Seekers who approach Shiv Yog ashrams with donations in land and money are encouraged to rather lend their helping hand in a direct way. Ishan ji often guides them to use that money or sell the land for preparing resources for distribution of free meals to the hungry. Interestingly, Ishan ji also says that if those who have money and land for feeding the hungry are successful in giving food directly to the beneficiaries, the contributions offered by them reaches him through love and blessings.