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“I live in Austria. Shiv Yog is promoting a healthy lifestyle. I work hard, every day, many days and my soul is now used to it. I work my soul with widita tiau (sadhana) that has been given to me by Shiv Yog.

I feel so much pain has got healed in this shivir and am thankful for everything in my life

Thank You & Bless you”

Jim Potter, Composite Structures Repair Spl, Boeing,U.S.A

It was my first experience of attending any such session on mindful matters. I was so thrilled during the session and was amazed with the skill Ishan conducted this. He is very professional at what he does, he is such a good speaker to attract audience and very quietly carries them with him. His talk and its contents were enlightening. During my presence in that session it has exposed me to something that i would love to practice every day and explore. Had i not attended this session, i would have never known that such a thing exists where one can really come to a mindful state, and i really thank Ishan for introducing this to my life. This will be an excellent tool for personal-development that will lead anyone to optimum performance.

Sangeeta Verma, IT Manager

I feel grateful and blessed that we were able to spend time with Ishanji and he shared his wisdom with my coworkers, taught us breathing exercises and meditation. His unique way of story telling and a powerful message at the end is delightful. We were all left as happy souls, after the meditation session. I plan on continuing the practice of collective meditation at work during break times. Many thanks to Ishanji for paying us a visit at Nordstrom.

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Elemental Ascension ~ London

June 9 @ 9:00 am - June 10 @ 5:00 pm