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Ishan ji’s mother, Guru Ma has been a teacher in her prime. She understands the needs of the downtrodden and underprivileged better than anyone. Therefore, another area where Shiv Yog charity drives have forayed into is clothing the students in government schools who may not have the means to buy school uniforms. On a quarterly basis, Shiv Yog sewa teams who have prepared a database of beneficiary schools in remote villages, undertake school uniform distribution drives. The teams are blessed with the honour of being led by Guru Ma personally on many occasions.

School uniforms were one of Ishan ji’s dreams for needy children. For years, he gifted children with school uniforms with the noble vision that children must feel proud to go to school and feel proud to wear the uniforms like children of any other social status or any other private school.

Earlier, this effort was given wings in a very interesting way. Lengthy meters of cloth used to arrive periodically and was sent to tailors who stitched these uniforms for both boys and girls and when ready, the Shiv Yog Sewa team sprung into action. These activities were more intensified in the year 2014 when more poor schools were identified in villages and visited thereupon. The winter of 2014 also saw the opportunity for Shiv Yog to be the medium for warm clothes to reach to the deprived children. It surely radiated peace when these children excitedly and warmly smiled in happiness as Guru Ma lead the sewa teams, visiting one school after the other from village to village.